To set up a Media office in a 5 star hotel in W1.  Where Embassy/Government personnel could work from over a 2 day period. Technician’s split shifts (24/7) & were situated at the Venue to change toner/Paper and assist clients with the machines.  Also to connect up/network any new users Macs/Laptops to our equipment.

One of our more traditional assignments is working with large companies and embassies, setting up media offices in central London W1 locations.

This particular venue was one of the most famous 5 star hotels in the country, we supported an embassy host various business leaders over a two day period, rental items included: 8 multifunctional devices, paper in various sizes, flipcharts, Mac desktops & laptops. Technicians did not have to be on site for this event but were on call for the duration, offering technical solutions over the phone.

Corporate and governmental events such as this require a delicate touch, technicians should be available at all times but in no way seen or heard during the event, everything from the networking to loading the photocopiers with paper needs to be precise and well thought out to minimise any potential disruption to event itself – here at Bircherley we pride ourselves on the discretion and technical prowess of our experienced staff.

  • 5 Star hotel central London
  • End customer – Embassy/corporate
  • 8 x small multifunctional devices, Paper, Flipcharts,
  • On-site Technician
  • 2 Day event

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